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About Us @ R.G. Huxley Jewellers

Here at Huxley's we build tomorrow's heirlooms today. We want you to have the best made design this world has to offer for years to come.


Today's client rarely has the opportunity to interact directly with the craftsman. Generally they are at the mercy of a trained salesperson, whose training does not extend beyond sales and into metallurgy or gemology. 

Our skills range from repairs, design and manufacturing. 

It has always been our goal to not only supply our customers with the best service and product we can possibly provide but to also educate our clientele on our industry. 

R.G. Huxley Jewellers are master craftsmen of functional and ornamental jewellery.

In today's market, where image generally makes the sale, our clients will receive from us an education that goes beyond learning the grading system of diamonds.

With a combined experience of over eighty-five years, we have mastered making and repairing jewellery from all over the world.

At R.G. Huxley Jewellers we believe there is so much more to consider when looking for a unique piece than just the desire for a different metal or a different shape of stone. 

Current Trends
White gold and princess cut diamonds are all the rage.  It's a misconception that this combination is  unique.  Truth is, 75% or more of new engagement rings sold today are white gold and set with princess cut diamonds.  Be careful, both white gold and princess cut diamonds have a multitude of problems!

Reuse and Redesign
More and more customers are enjoying the experience of taking their odds and ends or a piece of jewellery they inherited, and making them into something new.  Be careful though, some retailers will take your gold in exchange for new product and not compensate you for the difference.

Family Stone Jewellery
...still has a calling.  As a designer, I feel it really lacks in creativity. When you really think about the piece, the stones only identify a month, not a person.  The wearer still has to make the distinction between what stone represents what month and what family member.  Another concern is that most family stone jewellery is very poorly produced and is generally given as a gift.  When a piece is poorly produced it will breakdown quicker and require more than normal procedures to repair.  Unfortunately, the recipient is left feeling obligated and responsible to incur the expensive cost of repairs when this happens.  These repairs often happen within 3 years of the original purchase with regular wear.


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