Our Legacy

Family Built, Family Run

RG Huxley Jewellers is a family business.  It was 1981 when Ron Huxley opened the doors to RG Huxley Jewellers Ltd.  In 1989 Ron’s wife Debbie joined the team as they expanded the business and had opened up an extension with a showroom and studio for private consultations. Later, in 2004, Ron’s daughter Tracy sat down at the bench and became Ron’s next apprentice.  Now continuing the legacy of “Huxley’s” Tracy and Ron both work with clients and bring 2 generations of skill and knowledge in addition to traditional and contemporary style to their clients.

The Story of Huxley Jewellers

There are jewellery stores and there are Jewellers.  Very few jewellery stores have a Bench Jeweller at the counter.  At RG Huxley Jewellers, you will work directly with the real deal, the Bench Jeweller, in a jewellery store.  We care more about the construction and techniques used to make or repair your jewellery than we do about getting a sale.

We guarantee that you will receive an education at RG Huxley Jewellers that is not available from a typical salesperson. That’s because, as we like to say it “we’re the ones getting our hands dirty,” literally. We stand behind our work and want our customers to be happy and come back for generations.  That’s why we do what we do.

Industry Leader

Today’s manufacturing industry is always looking for a quicker and cheaper way to produce their product.  Our world has replaced steel with plastic.  We’ve replaced organic fabrics with synthetic ones.  We’ve all seen how products made the “old way” like furniture, have stood the test of time and how products manufactured for speed and cost efficiency are being replaced in only a few years. The jewellery industry is no different.

Jewellery can be manufactured to look beautiful, but that is not the only purpose.  When a piece of jewellery is made by RG Huxley Jewellers you will have the peace of mind to know that shortcuts are not taken.  That the methods and techniques used are in place and utilized to make sure your jewellery is produced or repaired with the utmost attention to detail and accuracy for longevity.  With over 40 years of business under our belts, you can feel comfortable knowing, we’ll be here when you come back.