The Culture of Jewellery

Education Only a Goldsmith Can Deliver

Jewellery dates back over 25000 years ago.  Stemming from functionality that would hold clothing together in the forms of pins and brooches, to purposes of identifications and seals of authority in the forms of rings and pendants, we can find there has always been a purpose for jewellery in our lives.  Trends today either support the functionality or have been cutting corners that the general consumer isn’t aware of.


White Gold

White gold and diamonds that aren’t round are all the rage.  It’s a misconception that this combination is “unique”.  Truth is 75% or more of new engagement rings sold today are white gold and set with princess cut diamonds.  Be careful, both white gold and princess cut diamonds have a multitude of problems!

Within 10 years or more, white gold becomes very brittle and even more resistant to bending and flexing.  About 40% of the time, there is a risk of breaking the ring when trying to bend it for a simple sizing.  If white gold is desired, it needs to be designed correctly to take this into consideration.

Family Stone Jewellery

Family stone jewellery still has a calling.  As a designer, I feel it really lacks in creativity when you really think about the piece, the stones only identify a month, not a person.  The wearer still has to make the distinction between the months, to the stone, to the person.  Another concern is that most family stone jewellery is very poorly produced and is generally given as a gift.  When a piece is poorly produced it will break down quicker and require more than normal procedures to repair.  Unfortunately, the recipient is left feeling obligated and responsible to incur the expensive cost of repairs when this happens.  These repairs often happen within 3 years of the original purchase.

engraved family pendant


When pearls are exposed to perfumes the surface and the luster will be affected.  Restringing should be done every two years even if not worn regularly. Body oils work at breaking down the silk cord used to string the beads.  One more thing, real and cultured pearls will feel gritty against your teeth where simulated beads will feel smooth.

Everybody is born with allergies!  Most people have dormant allergies and therefore they are not detected until a person gets into their forties and fifties.  This explains why your favourite earrings have started to bother your earlobes or that rash under the top of your ring has all of a sudden appeared.

If your ring leaves a dark mark on your skin it’s because your body is deficient in iron.

In the 70’s, we would tell customers that the claws of their rings would wear away in 12 to 15 years.  Today, with the activities of this generation, we are seeing this wear in 6 to 8 years.  Get your stones/settings checked every 6 months.  A quick tightening is better than purchasing a replacement stone.