Custom Design

From Our Bench to Your Heart

In today's industry customers deserve to get a truly exclusive custom-designed piece. Experience more to this concept than just picking a mount from a catalogue and then selecting a stone.

Create the Perfect Piece of Jewellery For You

True designing starts by taking a concept or drawing and then carving or fabricating an original product. RG Huxley Jewellers Ltd. does just that. Over the years we have also established a broad selection of our own manufacturing moulds.  Keeping a library of these moulds is ideal for controlling costs and acting as a source for reproducing that lost article to its original specifications. We can make you a design from scratch so that it is something no one else has. Ever wanted to use those old worn out odds and ends, or maybe dismantle a dated piece to remake it into something new and exciting?  Simply ask us for some suggestions. We do it all.

Design the Jewellery of Your Dreams

Hand-Drawn Designs by Artists

The Finest Master Craftsmenship

Be a part of the design from concept to reality. There should be more to "custom-designed" than picking out a pre-existing mount from a catalogue.

Quality Custom
Designed Jewellery

From using the proper metals to setting techniques that don’t compromise the safety and integrity of your gems, the craftsmanship will be there for future generations to enjoy what you so love.  Our 40+ years in the industry has built a strong relationship with the very best suppliers of diamonds and gems. Let our reputation ensure you’re getting the very best in quality and design.