Our Process

In-house Craftsmanship

Bench Jewellers and Goldsmiths today are still using the same techniques that have been used for centuries around the world.  A fine goldsmith can and will work to a tolerance approaching that of precision machinery, but largely using only his or her eyes and hand tools. Whether it be your special piece of jewellery in the workshop for repair/restoration or a new piece being created from scratch, we are the jewellers who will be working on it and keeping it here in our workshop.

The Benefits of Huxley Jewellers

There’s no job too big or too small that this family-owned business hasn’t already or won’t be able to accommodate. From small baptism gifts to corporate anniversary pins and rings to repairing a broken necklace, we are able to keep just about any work order in-house.  With over 50 years in the industry, we have built relationships with specialty tradespeople who are one-of-kind like hand-engraving and unique gems not available to the general public.

Why Choose Huxley Jewellers?

Established in 1981, RG Huxley Jewellers Ltd. has deep roots in the London Jewellery Industry.  Our small family-owned business has been servicing London and the area for decades with a fully equipped workshop and 3 full-time goldsmiths. There isn’t much that can’t be done in-house.  Our dedication to detail and properly designing, manufacturing and repairing jewellery right the first time is the most important part of our commitment to our customers.  We promise to do the job right.  We want you returning for your next project, not for a repeat on the same project.

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